Boat Names 101 Suggestions For Naming Your Yacht

Christening Your Yacht: Is She an Aquaholic or a Buoyoncé?

Naming your vessel can be one of the most rewarding moments of boat ownership. Titles carry in them a unique and deeply personal identity. Naming a boat is a tradition richly embedded in maritime heritage. Leaving a vessel unnamed is widely regarded to bring the owner bad luck out at sea. Historically, vessels were given female names because they were once dedicated to goddesses. 

Settling on a boat name that you and your family are happy with is not an easy task, and requires some serious brainstorming. From the iconic names of superyachts to sea-worthy puns boat names can reveal a lot about their owners. Your boat name should resonate with you and strike a chord. Read our top tips and browse over one hundred inspirational yacht names. 

131 Foot Sunseeker Yacht Tanvas

Above: TANVAS, a 131-foot Sunseeker Yacht for sale on YachtWorld, has a unique name, as seen on her transom here. Photo by Lee Marine Co. Ltd. in Thalang, Phuket Thailand.

How to Name Your Boat: A Name Must Suit Your Boat Type

Your personality, values and interests are reflected in the presentation of your craft as much as its name.  The type and style of the boat you own, to some extent will dictate the type of name you Christen her by. While smaller boats might warrant a more comical name, yachts tend to have shorter, snappier names, typically one word long. Superyacht owners have a proclivity to name their yachts strong female names that represent a quality. For example, Steve Jobs named his boat ‘Venus’.  Although there are no hard and fast rules, bear in mind that the maritime industry is stickler for tradition. 

The Best Yacht Names

Naming your boat after either important historical or personal female influencers will empower you and your guests out at sea.

Powerful Female Figures

Here are some of our favorite names sure to provide your boat with radiance and charm:

  1. Bellatrix
  2. Audrey
  3. Valerie
  4. Briana
  5. Philomena
  6. Valentina
  7. Matilda
  8. Millie
  9. Indira
  10. Maya
  11. Isabella
  12.  Beatrix
  13. Frida
  14. Adira
  15. Audrey
  16. Andrea
  17. Rainey
  18. Valencia
  19. Freya
  20. Coco

Consider Names that Are Attributes

There is a reason why names like ‘Odyssey’, ‘Liberty’ and ‘Serenity’ remain some of the most popular. Abstract nouns provide a license for you to boldly state what essentially matters to you as the owner and pilot of the ship. Usually, boat owners opt for words relating to freedom, movement or adventure, characteristics associated with the practice of sailing itself but, really, there is so much room for interpretation here. Consider what sailing means to you and there could be an obvious candidate for a name in there somewhere. 

  1. Liberty
  2. Destiny
  3. Serenity
  4. Charity
  5. Credence
  6. Mercy
  7. Trinity
  8. Prudence
  9. Faith
  10. Grace
  11. Constance
  12. Verity
  13. Hope
  14. Blaze
  15. Harmony
  16. Epiphany 
  17. Kismet
  18. Euphoria
  19. Concord
  20. Affinity

Consider Your Personal Interests: Musical Names

Naming a boat is an opportunity to showcase your interests. Here are a few note-able boat names:

  1. Allegro
  2. Lyrical
  3. Capella
  4. Sonata
  5. Tempo
  6. Demi
  7. Harmony
  8. Melody
  9. Nirvana
  10. Imagine

Cosmology-Themed Yacht Names

Special yachts deserve names that standout. All of these names are unique and create a vision of something spectacular and special. Diane Von Furstenburg named her yacht Eos, after the family name given to a group of asteroids. Immediately you get the sense that Diane is a family woman, with close connections to her immediate family. You could also consider constellation names as an alternative to planets. Celestial bodies are updated and named regularly which makes your boat choice infinite! There are name generator website you can use – just make sure you choose a female or at least a unisex names if you want to maintain nautical tradition.

  1. Blue Moon
  2. Celeste
  3. Cressida
  4. Astra
  5. Alpha
  6. Hemisphere
  7. Eclipse
  8. Luna
  9. Polaris
  10. Stella
  11. Juliet
  12. Phoenix
  13. Larissa
  14.  Helia

Mythological: Draw Upon Folklore

Folklore names conjure up images of  magic and wisdom. Why not look through old folk stories to see if a story or name resonates with you and your children? Here are a few names to get you started:

  1. Athena
  2. Freya
  3. Aphrodite
  4. Hebe
  5. Juno
  6. Morgan
  7. Leto
  8. Macha
  9. Avalon
  10. Lyssa

Flora and Fauna: Be Inspired By Nature

You cannot go wrong naming a boat with a name that relates to nature. It will never go out of style. Research the meanings behind the names you are drawn to and see if their meanings resonate with you. 

  1. Daphne (our favourite) 
  2. Ivy
  3. Lily
  4. Jasmine
  5. Clover
  6. Delphine
  7. Marigold
  8. Romy
  9. Indigo
  10. Peregrine
  11. Bryony
  12. Camellia
  13. Florentina
  14. Oleana
  15. Dahlia

Make It Personal: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Your unique memories from your own past could be turned into an appropriate name for your boat, for example you could use the name of a sports’ team or school you used to attend? Maybe a childhood pet? If you and your significant other enjoy the sailing life together, a name that pays testament to an experience you shared together may be a great way to showcase your shared passion. For example, the name of a honeymoon resort or wedding destination could be an option, or even the location of an engagement could provide unity to your sailing experience. Think outside the box1 You could also encompass cultural, regional, or navigational references. For example, if you and your partner stayed at the Da Henrietta hotel on your first trip away together, could you name her ‘Henrietta’.

The Best Boat Names

Consider Familial Lineage

The wailing captains of old were known for naming their vessels after wives, mothers or daughters, sometimes choosing to combine these names, e.g. “Anna-Augusta” or the more common “Marie-Christina”. 

Funny Boat Names: Have a Giggle Creating Puns

A pun or light-hearted name will amuse passers by and brighten up their day. Boating is an outlet, a release from the demands of life and a name that reflects the joy that your boat brings is something that should be embraced. A banterous name like “Aquaholic” will add a lighthearted vibe to your vessel. Think tongue-in-cheek tone, subversive, and rhyming. Oh, and don’t worry about cheesiness –  in the marina dad jokes are fertile ground. 

1. I Have Big Boaty

2. Working From A Helm 

3. Money Pit 

5. Seas the Day

7.  Beach Buoys

8. Nauti Buoy

9. Hunky Dory 

10. The Cod Father

11. Usain Boat

12. Marlin Monroe

13. Pier Pressure

14. Knot So Fast 

15. Smurfs Up

16. Aquaholic

17. Buoyoncé

18. Vitamin Sea

19. Aboat Time

Our final name on our list (101!) is the icily supercool supervillain Cruella de Vil

Boat Name Generator

Lastly, if you are still struggling for inspiration you can find a boat generator online that will generate 10 random names for you. If you own a yacht and want an equally luxurious name, you might not find the right name on a boat generator website, and vice-versa. For names that you associate with relaxation, enjoyment, peace, and poetic sounding names, then you should use a yacht generator. 

Happy naming! 

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