Boat Test 2024 Veer V13

The V13 is nicely equipped and easy to trailer, all for an affordable price.


Veer’s V13 represents a category of boat, and a cadre of boat buyers, neglected by the major boat building entities. Sure, Jon Boats and small skiffs prove as common as gulls and sunsets around the waterfront. But, none of these combine the array of features we discovered when testing the V13. It’s an attractively-styled boat, which may make it more attractive to new and younger boaters and anglers. It offers built-in seating, storage and other features which many other small boats lack. It’s self-bailing—water drains out by gravity, no need for a pump—for safety and convenience.

Finally, the Veer V13 is affordable. That’s a term often fraught with drama if published in connection with recreational boating. But, look at the facts. This boat enables two adults to get out on the water in a boat that allows standing up to cast—or to photograph some amazing views. It fits in the back of a pickup truck for transport (a trailer costs $1,350). It does all this starting at less than $12,000 with a 9.9-hp Mercury outboard. The price places it on par with some high-end fishing kayaks while delivering, yet, as stated it can take two people.

Veer 13 overhead

Marine mat EVA foam flooring is standard on the seats, gunnels and cockpit sole. Courtesy Veer

Interior And Accessories

Marine mat EVA foam flooring is standard on the seats, gunnels and cockpit sole. A portable navigation light that breaks down and stows easily so it won’t interfere with casting also comes standard. Storage is built into the cockpit sole, and I discovered cup holders and tool/pliers holders formed into the aft deck. And, a Mercury 9.9-hp gas outboard comes standard. Electric Avatar outboards cost more, for example the Avatar 750-watt Avatar 7.5e costs $2,156. There is a kayak-style bungee cord hold-down on the foredeck and a cushioned seat aft that will sit two abreast.

A shallow water anchor ($105) is optional—basically a pole you can jam into the bay or lake bottom via a hole molded into the Veer V13’s hull. A standing bar ($400) is also available, which allows you to stand while running the boat, yet breaks down when you want the space to fish unencumbered. A variety of Sporttrack accessories are also available. These mount on a rugged track inside the boat. They include cupholders, fender hanger, tool holder, mounting plate and more.

Veer 13 out fishing

A shallow-water anchor and a standing bar are optional features. Courtesy Veer

I tested the Veer V13 in what might seem like an unlikely venue: the French Riviera. In actuality the low impact that a small boat powered by an electric outboard creates makes the crystalline waters surrounding Cannes a fitting place to test the V13. It also provided an opportunity to experience the way the boat handles waters roiled by boat traffic.

With two 200-pound plus boat testers aboard (max capacity is 550-pounds), and powered by a Mercury Avator 20E electric outboard, the Veer V13 delivered 12 mph at wide open. The built-in software on the engine’s display indicated we could run for 1.5 hours at that speed, using the standard 48-volt, 3,081 watt battery. Dropping down to 7 knots, increased range exponentially, with the motor’s screen reporting 5 hours of run time. Slowed to 5 knots the boat/motor package delivers 17 hours of running. Bear in mind that this is a small, portable boat, that one can, presumably, launch relatively close to the destination or fishing ground.

On size, with two large adults aboard, plus camera equipment and safety gear, the Veer V13 accelerated briskly. It was able to push upwind without any hesitation. I will say that with my 230 pounds in the bow, even with a 200-pound co-pilot back at the helm, the bow would not rise and ride was wet. My moving to the center of the boat while motoring improved ride and handling considerably. Stability to stand and cast proved fine on flat water. In boat wakes, the boat rode confidently. So long as we pointed the bow into the larger waves. The Veer V13 is self-bailing and we purposefully filled its cockpit to test that feature: the water drained quickly away.

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Veer 13 battery replacement

Battery swaps are easy. Courtesy Veer


Notably, you can select either a gas or electric outboard to power the Veer V13. The boat provided to us for testing featured an Avator 20E electric outboard (other choices include Mercury gas outboards to 9.9 hp). The 48-volt 20E claims an output rating of 2,200 watts, which converts to 3 hp on paper. On the water, due to the characteristic of an electric motor that allows it to deliver maximum torque at all RPM, electric outboards perform at greater output than the simple math would imply. I would place the Avator 20E’s performance as equivalent to that of a 5-hp gas outboard. I say this as a lifelong user of portable outboards, and the current owner of a couple of small boats powered by portable outboards.

Sold and serviced via Lund Dealers, a Veer boat can be purchased online, similar to the way many people order outdoor equipment.

Veer’s V13 offers a new kind of boat to—perhaps—a new kind of boater. If you seek a portable boat that can take two people out for some fishing in style and with a fair measure of convenience, give the Veer V13 consideration.

How We Tested

  • Test Engine: Mercury Avator 20e
  • Test Drive/Prop: Outboard, 12.7x 7” three blade composite
  • Gear Ratio: N/A Battery Capacity: 48-volt 3,081 watt Passenger Weight: 450 pounds

High Points

  • Portable, low-priced, attractive and feature-filled.
  • Storage and seating well executed.
  • Choice of electric or gasoline outboard power

Low Points

  • Two large (over 200-lbs each) adults maxed out its carrying capacity with little left for a cooler of ice and a tackle box or two.

Toughest Competitor

Shoppers can take a look at a range of boats, I suppose. A center console, such as Key West’s 1720, while rated for five people, is ostensibly a two person fishing boat and retails for about $30,000.

More similar is the Gheenoe Lo Tide 10, a 15 footer, rated for three persons, that costs $2,610 as a wide-open boat with no power. Add options that are standard on the Veer V13, such as casting decks, storage boxes, rod holders and then add a 9.9-hp Tohatsu outboard, the price might be about $8,300. The Gheenoe Lo Tide 10 does not self-bail.

Pricing And Specs

Price:Starts at $11,147 (with standard Mercury 9.9hp engine)
Draft (max):6.3”
Displacement (lb., approx.; boat only):382 lb.
Transom Deadrise:N/A
Bridge Clearance:Duck
Fuel Capacity:Portable tank or battery
Max HP:9.9
Available Power:Mercury Avator electric outboard motor or Mercury gasoline outboard engine

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Veer 13 performance data

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